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Leaders Across Colorado Voice Support for HB 22-1026

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DENVER – More than a dozen leaders across Colorado issued quotes supporting HB 22-1026, a bi-partisan bill sponsored by Representatives Shannon Bird and Dan Woog.

The bill provides tax incentives for employers to provide alternative transportation options such as bus passes. By encouraging alternate transportation, both employers and employees can take advantage of an opportunity to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle trips and reduce emissions.

The bill is slated for a hearing before the House Finance Committee today.

Quotes of support include:

“We applaud Representatives Bird and Woog for this common-sense approach to expanding the use of alternative transportation without creating onerous new mandates. Incentive-based solutions are the most effective way to give businesses and employees the flexibility they need to implement new policies.” Loren Furman, President & CEO, Colorado Chamber of Commerce

“The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce is glad to see the introduction of a bipartisan measure to incentivize employers to provide alternative transit options for their employees. Businesses know their employees best and know what forms of transportation make the most sense in getting people to and from work. We appreciate the sponsors’ proactive, flexible approach that allows organizations to decide whether or not they want to encourage the use of alternative transportation solutions when it makes sense for their employees and business.”  JJ Ament, President and CEO, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

“At AC-REP, we pride ourselves on being the economic champion for the Greater Adams County region. Our area businesses and employees are the economic drivers that help make these communities thrive and prosper. To that end, we appreciate Representatives Bird and Woog and their understanding of business operations with the introduction of HB 1026. This measure strikes the right balance to support alternative commuting options for employees by incenting employers to promote that choice.”  Lisa Hough, President and CEO, Adams County Regional Economic Partnership 

“The South Metro Denver Chamber is committed to improving the strength and stability of our region’s business community, which includes more than 85,000 employees.  As such, we support policy solutions that provide additional incentives for our businesses to attract and recruit a strong workforce, and HB 1026 is a great example of such an approach.  We commend Representatives Bird and Woog for their leadership on this issue and are proud to support their efforts.” Jeff Keener, President and CEO, South Metro Denver Chamber

“The Aurora Chamber of Commerce works on behalf of our region’s business community to advocate for policies that incentivize economic growth and job opportunity.  HB 1026 is a perfect example of a measure that strikes the right balance to incent employers to provide commuting alternative benefits to their employees without mandating a solution that may not work for all.” Kevin Hougen, President and CEO, Aurora Chamber of Commerce

“The Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance greatly appreciates Representatives Bird and Woog’s leadership in crafting an approach to encourage employees to use alternative commuting solutions in a way that acknowledges that all businesses are structured uniquely.  This is a common sense and balanced solution to acknowledge emissions reduction strategies without mandating a one-size-fits-all approach that may not work for all employers and employees.” Sandra Solin, Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance

“DCBA serves as a unified voice on policy issues on behalf of several Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Councils who represent more than 10,500 businesses in Douglas County.  We place a priority on issues that serve to incent job creation and growth and we also recognize the need to maintain our pristine environment in the area.  We are grateful to Representatives Bird and Woog for their proposal to recognize that objective in a sensible and balanced way with HB 1026.” Amy Sherman, Chair, Douglas County Business Alliance

“Representatives Shannon Bird and Dan Woog deserve applause for their efforts to reduce emissions. They along with their co-sponsors, Representative Benavidez and Senators Hansen, Liston and Kolker have worked with stakeholders to forge a bi-partisan policy to incentivize emission reductions and encourage all Coloradans to play a role in preserving and protecting our environment. It’s good for Colorado and good for Colorado families,” Lynn Granger, Executive Director, American Petroleum Institute Colorado

The Colorado Women’s Alliance is pleased to support HB 1026, providing incentives for employers who provide alternative transportation options for employees. We commend the bipartisan cooperation and leadership that resulted in this incentive approach that is a more appropriate way to promote change than are unfunded mandates on the business community.” Joni Inman, Executive Director, Colorado Women’s Alliance

“The Colorado Women’s Chamber of commerce is in support of bills that incentivize employers to offer enhanced benefits to their employees. HB1026 gives employees an added benefit and helps improve our states air quality, while reducing traffic congestion.” Simone Ross, CEO, Colorado Womens Chamber of Commerce

“As an organization focused on convening regional businesses and community members to help shape Denver South’s future, we are always interested in policy discussions that help to retain and attract a robust talent pool, especially when they are framed as incentives that work to improve our region’s air quality and traffic congestion.  HB 1026 balances the promotion of alternative commuting solutions in a way that honors our employers’ ability to accommodate the specific needs of their employees and the demands of their businesses.” Tom Brook, CEO, Denver South

“We appreciate the leadership of Representatives Bird and Woog in crafting a bipartisan measure to incent employers to provide transit options for their employees.  This approach is the right way to encourage the use of alternative transportation solutions where those options exist, while still allowing businesses who are transit constrained to operate.  In general, we believe it is more appropriate to incentivize action rather than imposing broad mandates.”  Dave Davia. Executive Vice President and CEO, Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association

“Access to safe and reliable transportation should never be a barrier to someone finding work. With the state’s economy up and running, now more than ever we need to make it easier for Coloradans to find work, which is why we’re glad to support legislation that will do just that.” Harry Hartfield, Public Affairs Manager for Uber.

“Half of all car trips in cities are a distance of 3 miles or less, the perfect distance for a bike ride. Tax credits for employers who invest in non-polluting healthy commute options for their employees makes sense, because their investment in a healthy workplace is also an investment in a healthier community.”  Piep van Heuven, Director of Government Relations, Bicycle Colorado

“After months of fighting harmful mandates and a tangle of bureaucratic regulations, we are pleased to support HB22-1026, which moves Colorado toward cleaner air by providing incentives for employers, rather than strangling them with fines, mandates, and red tape. This is the kind of bi-partisan policy that enhances our environment without hindering our economic recovery.”  Rachel Beck, Vice President, Government Affairs, Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC

“We are pleased to support this bipartisan effort by Representatives Bird and Woog that creates a positive incentive to encourage environmental stewardship without adding costly mandates on our businesses, especially at a time when we are still working our way out of the impacts of the pandemic.”  Pam Ridler, CEO, Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce