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2022 Elections Quickly Approaching with Legislative Candidate Interviews in Mind

2022 Elections Quickly Approaching with Legislative Candidate Interviews in Mind

It’s that time of year again! Contributions for the 2022 election cycle will be essential to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to select and support pro-business candidates for the Colorado General Assembly. Our ability to influence business-friendly legislation is directly related to these efforts.

Contributing to the Colorado Chamber Political Action Committee (CCPAC) gives Chamber members insider access to our extensive candidate interview process, allowing you to have direct impact on who leads our state.

Both the CCPAC & Small Donor Committee support pro-business candidates for the State Legislature. PACs are limited to a maximum $625 contribution per election cycle for state legislative races, making fundraising efforts even more difficult for elected officials and candidates. A $50 individual contribution may be donated to the Colorado Chamber Small Donor Committee each year. The Colorado Chamber 527 Political Organization (527 Fund) can directly influence the selection or election of candidates. A $1,000 or more (no limit per state law) contribution is recommended to support strategic endorsements.

Historically the candidate interview process is held in the summer after the legislative session concludes. The candidate vetting and endorsement process includes detailed analyses of candidates’ campaigns, fundraising, legislative districts, and voter performance and history. This valuable analysis handbook is a benefit to our members that contribute to the CCPAC. In the candidate interview process, you will have the opportunity to ask tough questions of the candidates on critical business issues to help determine who the Chamber’s valuable endorsements will go to.

Please direct any questions regarding our campaign finance entities to SVP, Events & Political Fundraising to Tricia Smith at [email protected].

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Colorado Energy & Environment Council Kicks Off

The Colorado Chamber’s Energy and Environment Policy Council met Tuesday January 18th for the first time in 2022. They welcomed Regional Administrator for the EPA’s Region 8 KC Becker to discuss the Administration’s upcoming priorities. Administrator Becker gave a broad, high level overview of the EPA’s priorities and the Council was very engaged in the conversation.

  • HB22-1020 – Customer Right To Use Energy
    • Colorado Chamber Position: Support
    • The bill prohibits a state agency, local government, and common interest community from limiting or prohibiting the use of natural gas, propane, solar photovoltaics, micro wind turbines, or small hydroelectric power for electricity generation, cooking, hot water, or space heating in residences, units, or businesses.
  • HB22-1026 – Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit
    • Colorado Chamber Position: Support
    • Bi-partisan bill that offers a better discount for employers who offer alternative transportation options to employees.

Several other bills were discussed but no position was taken at this time.

E&E Council also discussed pending legislation around Employee Trip Reduction, or Clean Commute as it is being referred to now, as well as the Extended Producer Responsibility draft bill. The Council will not take positions on these issues until the bills have been introduced. E&E Council is gearing up for another very busy session in 2022.

Save the Dates: Upcoming Council Meetings

Tax Council – Feb. 4th

  • Guest Speakers: Doug Lindholm, President, Council on State Taxation & Erica Kenney, Senior Tax Counsel, Western States, Council on State Taxation
  • Discussion of federal and state by state taxation issues

Healthcare Council – Feb. 10th 

  • Guest Speakers: Representatives Kyle Mullica (D) & Matt Soper (R), Members of the House Health & Insurance Committee
  • Discussion of 2022 health care legislation

Labor & Employment Council – Feb. 16th

  • Guest Speaker: Jeff Riester, Legislative Director, Office of the Attorney General
  • Discussion of HB 22-1119 – False Claims legislation and update on data privacy rulemaking process

Governmental Affairs Council – Feb. 22nd

  • Guest Speaker: Eve Lieberman, Chief Policy Advisor for Governor Jared Polis
  • Discussion of Governor Polis’ 2022 policy priorities

Energy & Environment Council – Feb 23rd

  • Guest Speakers: Shaun McGrath, Director of Environmental Health & Protection, CDPHE & Michael Ogletree, Air Division Director, CDPHE
  • Discussion of 2022 legislation and CDPHE priorities for air and environment

Visit our online calendar for the complete schedule of council meetings.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Laura Moss at [email protected] or (303) 866-9652  for more information.