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Colorado businesses press state lawmakers for $600 million in unemployment relief

Colorado businesses are pushing state lawmakers to alleviate pressure on their bottom lines by putting at least $600 million toward a trust fund benefiting unemployed workers.


“Without any financial relief, that all falls on the shoulders of employers to have to pay back, through no fault of their own,” said Loren Furman, president and CEO of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, who called it “a huge concern.” Her association led the effort to send Tuesday’s letter to lawmakers, which highlighted the nationwide labor shortage, supply-chain issues, inflation, and COVID-related shutdowns as other issues also confronting business owners.


For Roger Bartlett, president of Affordable Concrete LLC, the government funding would let him continue providing bonuses and pay increases to his employees. Bartlett took several hits during the pandemic, with a slump in production, and shortages in both material and workers.

“Small businesses are really struggling right now,” said Bartlett, who signed the Tuesday letter. He described the $600 million proposal as “a good start” to lift the strain off of his company and others.

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