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Recognizing the Chamber’s Healthcare Superstars!

Recognizing the Chamber’s Healthcare Superstars!

Barbara Lussenhop

The Colorado Chamber is extremely lucky to have a wide array of talented and knowledgeable members who go above and beyond, to make sure the Chamber is successful at the Capitol, by volunteering their time and expertise to chair our policy councils. One of those superstars is Barbara Lussenhop, who has served as the Chair of the Healthcare Council for the past two years. Barb, a Senior Member of the Genentech State Government Affairs team, helped guide the healthcare council eloquently through a very active and challenging time for healthcare policy and the impacts to business. Barb recently announced she will be retiring to spend more time with family and travel. Thank you Barb for your tireless dedication to the Chamber, as Chair of Healthcare Council and a previous Board member, you will be missed! And congratulations on your retirement!

Beverly Razon

Stepping in as the new chair is healthcare superstar Bev Razon. Bev is the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for COPIC, an invaluable and well-respected member of the healthcare council, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Chamber. Bev’s healthcare policy expertise and persuasive leadership style will be an vital asset to help the healthcare council navigate the everchanging political landscape. Thank you, Bev, for your time and dedication to the Chamber!