Colorado Businesses Can Power the Comeback

The state of Colorado is launching a new business tool as part of their “Power the Comeback” campaign, which will encourage businesses to do their part by supporting employees who want to get vaccinated and by promoting policies that create COVID-safe workplaces.

Through this campaign, businesses can take the Power the Comeback business pledge. There are several one-off steps a business can take for this pledge, including encouraging unvaccinated folks to wear a mask indoors or providing an incentive for employees to get vaccinated.


Be one of the first Colorado businesses to take the pledge here

Here are some of the ways you can help public-facing workers understand the benefits of getting vaccinated and understand the support their employers can provide. You can take the pledge by pledging to do any one or more of the following:

A toolkit that includes posters, graphics and other materials for use will be available once your pledge is received. Read the full press release here.

Thank you for your efforts to help power Colorado’s comeback!