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In the News: Five Organizations Working to Strengthen Local Economies

Prevailing ideology holds that companies and entrepreneurs drive a region’s economic development by creating new jobs and boosting tourism. In some circumstances, these entities can contribute to a community’s growth. In no particular order, here are a few organizations committed to supporting local businesses and boosting their success.

Next up at #2 is the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. The association, which was established in 1965, is focused on developing a healthy business climate within the state. It works towards its mission by launching campaigns dedicated to increasing the number of skilled workers, strengthening the region’s infrastructures, and advocating for a local government that’s pro-capitalist.

Its board of directors is composed of executives and officials from various companies. Under their leadership, the organization works closely with policymakers to enact reforms that benefit the community. It also actively opposes statewide bills and measures that can negatively affect businesses and employees.

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