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2020 Special Session Begins Today & Several Bills to be Introduced

2020 Special Session Begins Today & Several Bills to be Introduced

The 2020 legislative Special Session begins today and is expected to last a minimum of one week.  During the Special Session, legislators will debate the bills within the Governor’s call which address economic stimulus proposals.  Specifics regarding the Governor’s call can be found here.

Additionally, each legislator is permitted to introduce one (1) bill during the Special Session – there are 65 House members and 35 Senate members.  Legislators may also request late bills which require approval from House or Senate leadership.  Thus far, approximately thirty (30) have been introduced today and others may follow.  The growing list can be found here.

These bills will be debated during legislative committee hearings and on the House and Senate floor over the next few days.  Many of the bills are focused on the Governor’s call while others are an effort to provide businesses some financial relief due to the restrictions imposed on their operations by the Governor, or to limit the Governor’s Executive powers.

Colorado Chamber of Commerce members who are interested in listening or testifying on the Special Session legislation can sign up to testify during the committee hearings here.

Please contact Loren Furman at [email protected] or at 303-866-9642 with any questions/concerns regarding this matter and we will continue to update members on the status of these bills.