National Support Your Local Chambers Day

October 21, 2020 is National #SupportYourLocalChamberofCommerce Day, and the Colorado Chamber recognizes local chambers serving communities throughout our state. In a year when businesses have persevered to keep their doors open and to keep paychecks coming to Colorado families, local chambers of commerce from the Logan County Chamber on the Eastern Plains to the Grand Junction Chamber on the Western Slope, led efforts to ensure that businesses had the tools, resources, information they needed to keep their doors open while keeping employees, customers, communities and visitors safe.

As partners of the Colorado Chamber, local chambers from all over the state from Westminster to Durango, Woodland Park to Basalt partnered with the Colorado Chamber to advocate for pro-business policies at the state capitol, ensuring that Colorado maintains a healthy business environment. This partnership has been critical at a time in which the state budget was facing a $3 billion shortfall due to the pandemic, and businesses were the first place lawmakers looked to close the funding gap.

Some local chambers like the West Metro Chamber became central hubs for volunteer clearinghouses, meeting new community demands for critical services.

Keep in mind that while local chambers were stretching their resources to assist businesses and their communities, chambers were largely excluded from CARES Act financial assistance because, unlike the businesses they serve, chambers of commerce (501(c)(6) organizations) were not eligible for PPP or EIDL loans.

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