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Colorado Businesses Embracing Working-from-Home, New Survey Shows

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce today released the results of its fourth COVID-19 business impact survey. The survey was conducted between July 27-29, 2020 and focused on companies’ work-from-home policies, financial outlooks, and the federal stimulus.

“Colorado employers care deeply about the health and safety of their employees and are largely embracing remote work technology when possible,” said Colorado Chamber President Chuck Berry. “While the global pandemic presents unknown economic challenges ahead, the state’s business community is adapting and navigating through the uncertainty to keep Coloradans working.”

The survey covers businesses of all sizes and includes a wide variety of diverse industries. Survey highlights include:

  • 87% of survey participants currently offer full or partial remote working options to their employees.
  • 62% said remote work has had a neutral impact on productivity (16% said it’s had a positive impact, 18% said it’s had a negative impact).
  • In terms of specific work-from-home policies:
    • 35% allow all or most employees to fully work remotely.
    • 18% allow all or most employees to partially work remotely.
    • 24% allow some employees to fully work remotely.
    • 17% allow some employees to partially work remotely.
    • 7% are not allowing any employees to work remotely because the nature of their work cannot be done remotely.
    • 0% said they are not allowing employees to work remotely due to concerns about decreased productivity or interference with office culture.
  • The top policies businesses would like to see in future federal COVID-19 relief are employer liability protection (65%), additional funding for testing (41%), and additional small business loans or assistance (39%).
    • In open-ended responses, several employers expressed that future unemployment benefits should not exceed wages earned so as not to provide a disincentive to return to work.
  • 35% of businesses say their financial outlook has declined in the last two months.
  • 39% have utilized CARES Act assistance.

View full survey report by clicking here.

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