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Colorado Chamber Board Votes to Support Initiative 304

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce today announced its support for Ballot Initiative 304, which is currently in the signature collection process for approval by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

“All too often when lawmakers or advocacy groups look to create costly new state programs, the burden falls on the business community to foot the bill,” said Colorado Chamber President Chuck Berry. “When these issues make it to the ballot, voters should know just how much they will cost, who pays, and what the impacts will be. Initiative 304 is about transparency and providing voters with an accurate reflection of how future ballot initiatives impact the overall health of our economy.”

The initiative would allow a fiscal impact statement to be included in a ballot initiative’s language, so Coloradans understand the full economic effects of ballot proposals. Currently, the only information voters receive regarding economic impact of a proposal is its direct impact on the state budget. Initiative 304 would provide additional information on a proposal’s impact on public and private sector employment, job gains or losses, the overall state economy, revenues and taxes. This information would appear directly on the ballot.