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Colorado Chamber Announces Candidate Endorsements for November 2020 Election

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce today announced endorsements of state legislative candidates for the November 2020 General Election. The bipartisan list of endorsements follows an extensive vetting and interview process and approval from the Colorado Chamber’s Political Action Committee and Board of Directors.

“These candidates all demonstrate in their own way a commitment to a prosperous economic environment and dedication to the business community of Colorado,” said Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations. “They’ve exhibited a thorough understanding of the issues, a willingness to listen and engage with employers, and an ability to work across the aisle when needed to make sure the voice of business is heard. From incumbents with a proven record of fighting for business to candidates that show great potential, the Colorado Chamber’s endorsements represent our trust in a strong working relationship between these leaders and the business community for years to come.”

The Colorado Chamber’s endorsements for the 2020 General Election are as follows:

Colorado House of Representatives:

Alec Garnett (D), House District 2

Leslie Herod (D), House District 8

Karen McCormick (D), House District 11

Judy Amabile (D), House District 13

Shane Sandridge (R), House District 14

Dave Williams (R), House District 15

Andres “Andy” Pico (R), House District 16

Marc Snyder (D), House District 18

Tim Geitner (R), House District 19

Terri Carver (R), House District 20

Mary Bradfield (R), House District 21

Colin Larson (R), House District 22

Donald Rosier (R), House District 25

Vicki Pyne (R), House District 27

Shannon Bird (D), House District 35

Caroline Cornell (R), House District 37

Richard Champion (R), House District 38

Mark Baisley (R), House District 39

Naquetta Ricks (D), House District 40

Kevin Van Winkle (R), House District 43

Kim Ransom (R), House District 44

Patrick Neville (R), House District 45

Bri Buentello (D), House District 47

Tonya Van Beber (R), House District 48

Mike Lynch (R), House District 49

Hugh McKean (R), House District 51

Jeni Arndt (D), House District 53

Matt Soper (R), House District 54

Janice Rich (R), House District 55

Rod Bockenfeld (R), House District 56

Perry Will (R), House District 57

Marc Catlin (R), House District 58

Ron Hanks (R), House District 60

Dan Woog (R), House District 63

Richard Holtorf (R), House District 64

Rod Pelton (R), House District 65

Colorado State Senate:

Jim Smallwood (R), Senate District 4

Bob Rankin (R), Senate District 8

Larry Liston (R), Senate District 10

Bob Gardner (R), Senate District 12

Joann Ginal (D), Senate District 14

Steve Fenberg (D), Senate District 18

Rachel Zenzinger (D), Senate District 19

Barbara Kirkmeyer (R), Senate District 23

Kevin Priola (R), Senate District 25

Suzanne Staiert (R), Senate District 27

Janet Buckner (D), Senate District 28

James Coleman (D), Senate District 33

Cleave Simpson (R), Senate District 35

The Colorado Chamber and approximately 50 representatives from business and industry conducted roughly 30 candidate interviews in-person and via video conference over the course of several days. Candidates were pressed on policy questions ranging from employment, energy, health care, and more. They were also assessed on their understanding of how business works and their willingness to work with the business community on legislation.

The candidate vetting and endorsement process, which the Colorado Chamber conducts every two years, includes detailed analyses of candidates’ campaigns, fundraising, legislative districts, and voter performance and history. The endorsements include both open seats and incumbents across the political spectrum.