A Business Leader’s Guide to Effective COVID-19 Crisis Communications

Companies and brands in Colorado and across North America face unprecedented leadership and communications challenges due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic and resulting economic and financial market disruptions.

Uncertain times elevate the importance of clear, credible communication from business leaders. The organizations most likely to survive and emerge with reputations intact will be those that:

  • Communicate proactively at every stage of the crisis while constantly looking ahead
  • Balance reassurance and realism
  • Anticipate stakeholder concerns and address them clearly and forthrightly
  • Put calm, authentic leaders forward
  • Rely on company and brand values to shape the message and response

That’s why the Colorado Chamber has partnered with chamber member Linhart PR to provide a free white paper on effective crisis communications for the business community. This resource explains “Eight COVID-19 Communications Best Practices” to help businesses navigate these unprecedented times.

View “A Business Leader’s Guide to Effective Crisis Communications” here.