How You Can Support Colorado Businesses Right Now

Businesses across Colorado are having to adapt and alter their operations amid the coronavirus (COVID) pandemic. Gov. Jared Polis has ordered all bars, restaurants, casinos and theaters in the state to close, social distancing is encouraged, and public gatherings are limited.

Colorado businesses and their hard-working employees need the support of their communities now more than ever. Below are some things you can do to support businesses in these unprecedented times:

Order Take-Out or Delivery from Restaurants

While dine-in restaurants and bars may be closed, curbside, take-out, and delivery are still allowed. Check with local restaurants to see if they’re offering any of these options, or consider using a third-party delivery app.

Buy Local

When purchasing goods and services, make an effort to support Colorado businesses – from produce, beverages and meats, to other household items and necessities.

Follow Businesses on Social Media or Sign Up for Email Updates

Many businesses are taking creative approaches to staying open for business digitally, even if they have to close their doors to the public. Other businesses are remaining open for business and are taking extraordinary safety precautions for their employees and customers. Follow Colorado businesses on social media or sign up for their email updates to find out how they are adapting and what you can do to support them. Like, share, and engage with their posts on social media to show your support.

Donate or Volunteer Your Time

Check with local, trusted charities or visit the governor’s new initiative, Help Colorado Now, to find out ways you can help in your communities.

Purchase Gift Cards

Some businesses offer gift cards online or over the phone. Purchasing one now to use for later will help local businesses stay afloat.

Tip Extra When You Can

With consumers staying home, many companies are seeing a drastic reduction in business. In these trying times, tipping a little more can really make a difference.

Keep Your Subscriptions and Memberships

Maintain your subscriptions and memberships for companies that rely on dues to operate.

Write Positive Reviews Online

Show your favorite companies some extra appreciation and give them some positive feedback in online reviews.

Are we missing something or do you have another idea to support Colorado businesses and their employees? Contact us here.