Colorado Chamber Statement on Public Option Proposal

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce released the following statement from Senior Vice President of State and Federal Relations Loren Furman following the unveiling of the long-awaited public health insurance option proposal by state Sen. Kerry Donovan and Rep. Dylan Roberts:

“There is no question that the cost of health care in Colorado is becoming unsustainable and is felt by businesses and workers across the state. While we agree that lawmakers should find a way to increase market competition and drive down costs, the Colorado Chamber remains concerned about the direction this proposal takes to achieve those goals. From cost-shifting to government mandates and rate-setting, the proposal runs the risk of driving hospitals and insurers out of the state and increasing premiums for the majority of Coloradans on employer-sponsored health plans. We will thoroughly review the bill language with our members in the business community and take an official position in the coming days.”