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Colorado Chamber Tax Council Hosts Officials from Department of Revenue & Outlines 2020 Legislation

Colorado Chamber Tax Council Hosts Officials from Department of Revenue & Outlines 2020 Legislation

Ryan Woods of Xcel Energy, Chair of the Chamber’s Tax Policy Council, opened up the Council’s first meeting ahead of the 2020 Legislative Session this week. The Council heard from officials from the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) and discussed anticipated tax legislation that could impact the Colorado business community.

Guest speakers from DOR included: Executive Director Lu Cordova, Legislative Liaison Jean Robinson, Acting Senior Director of the Taxation Division Brendan Reese, and Director of Tax Policy Analysis Josh Pens. Cordova discussed her vision and long-term goals for DOR, while agency staff discussed upcoming rulemaking and regulatory issues.

The Tax Council also discussed several bills that are expected to be filed in the upcoming legislative session, including:

  • Bills addressing the use of the state’s GIS system.
  • A bill extending the Sales and Use Simplification Task Force for five years.
  • A bill requiring all new tax expenditure bills to include a legislative declaration with a tax performance statement that identifies if it’s intending one of the following: to induce certain designated behavior by the taxpayer, to create or retain jobs, to reduce structural inefficiencies in the tax structure, or to provide tax relief for certain businesses or individuals.
  • A bill repealing the tax exemption for long-term lodging while maintaining the sales tax exemption for local governments unless they explicitly subject long-term lodging to their sales and use tax.
  • A bill that would change the current Net Operating Loss Deduction to allow taxpayers to claim the deduction for just 20 years, as opposed to the unlimited number of years allowed by the federal government.
  • A bill creating a Legislative Oversight Committee on Tax Policy and a Task Force on Tax Policy.
  • A bill requiring the use of a meter to quantify energy or fuel use for manufacturing or industrial purposes in order to claim a sales tax exemption.

The 2020 Legislative Session convenes on January 8, 2020. The next Tax Policy Council meeting will be held on January 17, 2020

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