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Colorado Chamber Submits Public Comments on Changes to Wage Protection Act

Colorado Chamber Submits Public Comments on Changes to Wage Protection Act

We have recently received feedback from Colorado Chamber members regarding the proposed changes by the Colorado Division of Labor Standards & Statistics to the current Colorado Wage Protection Act Rules, 7 C.C.R 1103-7, and specifically Section 2.15 regarding “vacation pay.” In response, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce has submitted public comments to the Division outlining its concerns with the proposed changes. A copy of the comments is provided here.


The Division of Labor Standards & Statistics has issued proposed changes to the Wage Protection Act (“WPA”) Rules, 7 C.C.R. 1103-7. The proposed rules amend current WPA Rules, 7 C.C.R. 1103-7, specifically amending rule 1.2 and 2.12; adding new rule 2.15; adding new rule 3.2.3; adding new rule 4.7; and adding new rule 4.8. A rulemaking hearing on these changes was held on October 15th, and the changes can be found here.

Please contact Loren Furman at [email protected] with any questions/concerns regarding the Colorado Chamber’s public comments.

Legislative Tax Expenditure Committee Releases 19 Bill Drafts!

During the last meeting of the Legislative Tax Expenditure Review Committee which was held on August 19th, the Committee reviewed the Office of the State Auditor’s Tax Expenditures Compilation Report released in July which includes recommendations on current tax credits and expenditures.

During the meeting, the Committee discussed the Report, and directed staff to develop several bill drafts for the 2020 Legislative Session based on the State Auditor’s Report. Below are the bill drafts the Committee will discuss and vote on at its next meeting scheduled on October 30th at 9a.m. in the Legislative Services Building, Room A.  The Committee has a limit of six (6) bills that it can approve to be introduced during the 2020 Session.

Bill Designation – Bill Topic

Bill 1 – Fraternal Society Insurance Premium Tax Exemption
Bill 2 – Excise Tax Credit Unsalable Alcoholic Beverages
Bill 3 – Employee Retirement Plan Insurance Premium Tax
Bill 4 – Occasional Auction Liquor Excise Tax Exemption
Bill 5 – Sacramental Wines Excise Tax
Bill 6 – Crop Hail Insurance Premium Exemption
Bill 7 – Nonprofit Transit Authority Agency Fuel Tax
Bill 8 – Tax Expenditure Bill Requirements
Bill 9 – Farm Close-out Sales Tax Exemption
Bill 10 – Residents of Bordering States Sales Tax Exemption
Bill 11 – Long-term Lodging Sales Tax Exemption
Bill 12 – Repeal Pre-1987 Net Operating Loss Deduction
Bill 13 – Previous Taxed Income Gain Deduction C Corporation
Bill 14 – Crop and Livestock Contribution Tax Credit
Bill 15 – Net Operating Loss Deduction Modification
Bill 16 – Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credits
Bill 17 – Wage and Salary Expenses Tax Deduction
Bill 18 – Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning Tax Policy
Bill 19 – Sales Tax Exemption Industrial and Manufacturing Energy Use

Based on feedback we’ve received from Colorado Chamber members over the years regarding tax credits and exemptions, we recommend reviewing Bill #’s 12, 15, 18 and 19. In regard to Bill #19 (energy used for manufacturing), the language proposes a change in current statute to specifically state that electricity, coal, gas, fuel oil, steam, coke or nuclear fuel would need to be measured by a “metered machine” that quantifies the amount of electricity, coal, gas fuel oil, steam, coke or nuclear fuel.

Your feedback on these bills would be appreciated so that we can share any concerns/questions on the proposed drafts with the sponsors of these bills. Please contact Loren Furman at [email protected] with any questions/concerns regarding this matter.