The Colorado Chamber’s Loren Furman Gives Her Take on 2019 Legislative Session

Loren Furman, Senior Vice President, State and Federal Relations

Last night, Loren Furman of the Colorado Chamber joined the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) for a discussion on the 2019 legislative session. LERA also hosted Dennis Dougherty, Executive Director of the AFL-CIO. Furman and Dougherty discussed the pros and cons of this session for businesses and labor and what to expect next year.

“As the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, we knew going into January that we’d have to play defense on a lot of bills and try to amend them to get them to a place where business could operate effectively,” said Furman.

Furman discussed a range of bills that the Colorado Chamber worked on this legislative session, from the paid family & medical leave bill to the equal pay bill to the controversial minimum wage bill. Dougherty shared the legislative priorities of AFL-CIO and other labor organizations including the paid family leave bill, ban-the-box bill and climate change bills. Both Furman and Dougherty predicted that next legislative session will be just as intense, and more labor-related bills should be expected.

Click here to view the statement from the Colorado Chamber following the conclusion of the 2019 legislative session.