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The State Chamber Fights Bill Increasing Health Insurance Premiums on Employers

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The State Chamber Fights Bill Increasing Health Insurance Premiums on Employers

This week, HB 1392 (Creation of the Colorado Reinsurance Program) was heard in its first committee of reference, the House Committee on Health, Insurance and Environment, where it passed on a 9-3 vote.  The bill creates a state-run re-insurance program and allows the Commissioner of the Division of Insurance to assess a fee on state-regulated health insurance carriers of up to 2 percent of premiums to pay for those seeking insurance in the individual market.  The bill also allows the Commissioner to assess a fee of up to 8% for insurance companies that provide stop-loss insurance to self-insured employers.  See specific bill language regarding such assessments below:


The State Chamber’s Loren Furman, testified against the bill arguing that the bill would increase health care costs for all employers who have shared concerns for many years as to the increased cost of insurance premiums for their employees.  She also argued that the bill would require employers across the state to subsidize individuals who may not even be employed with those companies.   The next committee stop for the bill is the House Finance Committee.

Please contact Loren Furman at or at 303-866-9642 if you should have any questions regarding this legislation.

Reforms to Prohibit Gerrymandering

During the last two Governmental Affairs Council meetings our members discussed proposals to address the reform of the current redistricting and reapportionment process in Colorado.  This week, two Senate Concurrent Resolutions have been introduced for consideration by the General Assembly:    SCR18-004 & SCR18-005, and the CACI has taken a SUPPORT position on both resolutions.  These resolutions are sponsored by Senators Grantham and Fenberg and include the following provisions:

  1.  A balanced and independent commissions with representation for major parties and unaffiliated voters
  • Two 12-member independent commissions-one for redistricting and one for reapportionment-each include 4 Republicans, 4 Democrats, and 4 unaffiliated (UAF) members
  • First 2 R, D and UAF members of each commission selected by lot from pools of 50 each selected unanimously by a panel of three retired judges, who cannot be from the same political party
  • Second 6 members of each commission appointed by unanimous agreement of three retired judges from a pool of unaffiliated voters and, in the case of Republican and Democratic selections, pools established by party leadership in the legislature
  1. Districts may not be drawn to
  • Favor a candidate or party (e.g., political gerrymandering prohibition)
  1. Map drawing and adoption
  • Three maps drawn by nonpartisan Legislative Council and Legislative Legal Services
  • Public may also submit comments and maps for consideration
  • Super majority required to adopt map: 8 members, including two UAF commissioners
  1. Supreme Court review
  • A single map from presented for approval by the Supreme Court

Please contact Loren Furman at if you have questions regarding the resolutions

Manufacturer’s Leadership Group Tours Golden Aluminum on April 12

The State Chamber members representing the manufacturing industry were invited to visit Golden Aluminum for lunch, an overview of the business and a tour by the aluminum mill’s president and CEO, Jeff Frim, and policy update by our director of Federal Policy, Leah Curtsinger.

Located in Fort Lupton, Golden Aluminum was founded in 1980 by the Coors Brewing Company—now MillerCoors—a member since 1944. The company’s visionary mission was the brainchild of Bill Coors Sr. who dreamed of developing a 100% recyclable aluminum can. The mill features the first of its kind continuous block caster that can turn recycled cans into new aluminum sheet, and in addition to food and beverage packaging, the supply chain has grown to include the automotive industry, consumer, home and commercial products with a growing international demand.

Among those who joined the tour were Tom MacNamara, president of Foam Fabricators, Inc. and chair of the Manufacturer’s Leadership Group; James Thompson from the office of U.S. Senator Michael Bennet; Jeanie Davidovich from the office of U.S. Senator Cory Gardner; and Cody LeBlanc from the office of U.S. Representative Ken Buck.

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Board Member Donn Schaible Passes

The State Chamber has been informed by Wright & McGill Company of the passing of CACI Board Member Donn Schaible, who also chaired the CACI Federal Policy Council.

“Here at the CACI Office, we were saddened by the news.  Donn was an active and enthusiastic supporter of CACI at every turn,” said Dan Pilcher, CACI Executive Vice President, on behalf of the CACI staff, “We will miss him and his good nature, enthusiasm and sense of humor.”

Below is the message that CACI received from Wright & McGill Company.


April 4, 2018

To All the Employees, Many Business Associates, and Friends of the Wright & McGill Co.:

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the recent and sudden passing of Donn Schaible, our former President and CEO.  Donn passed away quietly on Friday, March 30, 2018, in his lovely mountain- home town of Evergreen, Colorado.  He is survived by his wife, his son, his daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter.

Donn led the Wright & McGill Co. as President from April 6, 1998 to December 31, 2017.  Donn’s leadership, vision and commitment to all the employees allowed the company to experience strong growth and profitability over his near twenty-year tenure.  These qualities extended beyond our company and into our community and the manufacturing industry as Donn also served on a number of Boards including the Boards of CACI, CAMA, and was an active member of NAM.  Donn’s work ethic and commitment to the fishing industry was exemplary and impactful as he served also on the board of ASA.  Donn had recently stepped down from his position of President of Wright & McGill Co. turning the leadership position over to our current President, Michael Jackson, in January of this year.  Donn remained on staff operating as Advisor to the Executive Team.

The entire Wright and McGill Co. family is saddened by his passing and will remember him as the great leader that he was for each and every one of us and the organization collectively. His down to earth personality and friendly style will be missed.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Donn’s wife and family and we ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well during this difficult time.

We also ask that you kindly respect the wishes of the family to honor their privacy.

With thoughts and prayers,

The Wright & McGill Co.

Federal Council Request

Has your company invested more in new equipment, employees or employee training as a result of recently-passed tax reform? Let us know!

Contact Leah Curtsinger,  Federal Policy Director at (303) 866-9641.

Legislative Agenda

Below is a list of bills and their status on which The State Chamber Policy Councils have taken positions. For more information on the bills, contact Loren Furman, Senior Vice President, State and Federal Relations, at 303.866.9642.

Health Care Council Bills Bill Title/Description Council Position
HB 1007 by Rep. Kennedy & Sen. Lambert Substance Use Disorder Payment & CoverageMonitor/Passed
HB 1009 by Rep. Roberts & Sen. DonovanDiabetes Drug Pricing Transparency Act 2018Oppose/Dead
HB 1097 by Reps. Catlin, Danielson & Sens. Coram, Todd Patient Choice Of PharmacyOppose/Dead
HB 1279 by Rep. Esgar & Sens. Priola, MorenoElectronic Prescribing Controlled SubstancesSupport/Dead
HB 1311 by Reps. Rankin, HamnerSingle Geographic Rating Area Individual Health PlanOppose/Dead
HB 1358 by Reps. Foote, Beckman & Sens. Lundberg, AguilarHealth Care Charges Billing Required DisclosuresOppose/Dead
HB 1370 by Reps. Esgar, Singer & Sen. JahnDrug Coverage Health Plan Oppose as Introduced/Dead
HB 1392 by Reps. Kennedy, Rankin & Sens. Coram, DonovanState Innovation Waiver Reinsurance ProgramOppose/Dead
SB 136 by Neville & Reps. Kraft-Tharp, SiasHealth Insurance Producer Fees And Fee DisclosureSupport/Signed by Governor
SB 023 by Sen. Martinez Humenik & Rep. Ginal Promote Off-label Use Pharmaceutical ProductsOppose/Dead


Tax Council Bills Bill Title/DescriptionCouncil Position
HB 1022 by Reps. Sias, Kraft-Tharp & Sen. Jahn, Requiring DOR to do RFI for Sales Tax Simplification SystemSupport/Signed by Governor
HB 1185 by Reps. Kraft-Tharp, Wist & Sens. Neville, MorenoMarket Sourcing For Business Income Tax ApportionmentSupport/Passed
HB 1036 by Rep. Leonard & Sen. NevilleReduction of Business Personal Property TaxSupport/Dead
HB 1201 by Rep. Thurlow & Sen. Coram Severance Tax Voter-Approved Revenue ChangeSupport w/ Amendment/Dead
HB 1387 by Rep. Rankin & Sen. Moreno Eliminate Oil & Gas Abatement Refund InterestOppose/Dead


Labor & Employment
Council Bills
Bill Title/DescriptionCouncil Position
HB 1001 by Reps. Winter, Gray & Sens.
Fields, Donovan
Family and Medical Leave Insurance ProgramOppose/Dead
HB 1033 by Rep. Weissman & Sen. CoramEmployee Leave To Participate In Elections Neutral/Dead
HB 1067 by Reps. Melton, SalazarRight To Rest Act Oppose/Dead
HB 1128 by Reps. Wist, Bridges & Sens. Lambert, CourtProtections For Consumer Data Privacy Neutral as Amended
HB 1250 by Reps.Kraft-Tharp, Sias & Sen. PriolaAnalysis to Improve Compliance With Rules By BusinessSupport/Passed
HB 1256 by Reps. Duran, Herod & Sen. Gardner Sunset Continue Civil Rights Division And CommissionSupport as Amended
HB 1261 by Rep. WeissmanColorado Arbitration Fairness ActOppose/Dead
HB 1262 by Reps. Jackson & Roberts Arbitrations Services Provider Transparency ActOppose/Dead
HB 1298 by Reps. Pettersen, Bridges & Sens. Donovan, ToddColorado Secure Savings PlanOppose/Dead
HB 1368 by Reps. Danielson, Melton & Sens. Merrifield, MorenoLocal Control Of Minimum WageOppose/Dead
HB 1377 by Reps. Coleman, PettersenProhibit Seeking Salary InformationOppose/Dead
HB 1378 by Reps. Danielson, Buckner & Sens. Donovan, FieldsEqual Pay For Equal Work Act Oppose/Dead
SB 44 by Sen. Crowder & Rep. Landgraf Veterans Employment Preference By Private Employer Neutral/Dead
SB 178 by Sen. Smallwood & Rep. Kraft-TharpSimilar Coverage Independent Commercial VehiclesSupport/Passed
SB 193 by Sen. CoramLimit State Agency Occupational RegulationsOppose/Dead


Energy & Environment
Council Bills
Bill Title/DescriptionCouncil Position
HB 1071 by Rep. Salazar Regulate Oil Gas Operations Protect Public SafetyOppose/Dead
HB 1157 by Reps. Becker, Singer Increased Reporting Oil And Gas Incidents

HB 1215 by Rep. ArndtSafe Disposal Naturally Occur Radioactive Material Oppose As Introduced/Dead
HB 1271 by Reps. Gray, Willett & Sen. TateUC Electric Utilities Economic Development RatesSupport/Passed
HB 1274 by Reps. Becker, Bridges & Sen. KerrReduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050Oppose/Dead
HB 1289 by Reps. Foote, Young & Sen. JonesExempt Local Gov’t School Districts Statutory PoolingOppose/Dead
HB 1297 by Reps. Winter, Pettersen & Sen. DonovanClimate Change Preparedness & Resiliency Oppose/Dead
HB 1301 by Reps. Roberts, McLachlanProtect Water Quality Adverse Mining ImpactsOppose/Dead
HB 1352 by Reps. Foote, Gray & Sens. Jones, Aguilar Oil And Gas Facilities Distance From School Property Oppose/Dead
HB 1400 by Reps. Becker, McKean & Sens. Scott, JahnIncrease Fees Stationary Sources Air PollutantsSupport/Passed
HB 1419 by Reps. Foote, Jackson & Sens.Jones, KefalasOil Gas Operators Disclosures Wellhead IntegrityOppose/Dewad
SB 009 by Sens. Priola, Fenberg Allow Electric Utility Customers Energy Storage EquipmentNeutral/Signed by Governor
SB 047 by Sen. Marble & Rep. SaineRepeal Tax Credits Innovative VehiclesOppose/Dead
SB 063 by Sen. Jones & Rep. Benavidez Oil Gas Higher Financial Assurance Reclamation RequirementsOppose/Dead
SB 064 by Sen. Jones & Rep. FooteRequire 100% Renewable Energy By 2035 Oppose/Dead
SB 167 by Sens. Scott, Donovan & Reps. Winter, Saine Enforce Requirements 811 Locate Underground Facilities Neutral/Passed
SB 230 by Sen. Marble & Rep. SaineModify Laws Drilling Units Pooling Orders Support/Passed
SB 245 by Sen. CookeAllow Natural Occurring Radioactive Material RulesSupport/Passed


Governmental Affairs
Council Bills
Bill Title/DescriptionCouncil Position
SB 062 by Sen. MorenoSnow Removal Service Liability LimitationOppose/Passed
SB 230 by Sen. Marble & Rep. SaineModify Laws Drilling Units Pooling OrdersSupport/Passed
HB 1392 by Reps. Kennedy, Rankin & Sens. Coram, DonovanState Innovation Waiver Reinsurance ProgramOppose/Dead
HB 1128 by Reps. Wist, Bridges & Sens. Court, LambertProtections For Consumer Data PrivacySupport as Amended
SCR 004 by Sens.Grantham, FenbergCongressional Redistricting Support/Passed
SCR 005 by Sens.Grantham, FenbergLegislative RedistrictingSupport/Passed


General Business Issues Bills Bill Title/DescriptionCouncil Position
SB 001 by Sens. Cooke, Baumgardner & Reps Carver, Buck Transportation Infrastructure FundingSupport/Passed