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Small Business Administration Seeking Comment On Proposed Tip Regulations

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Small Business Administration Seeking Comment On Proposed Tip Regulations

Filing deadline extended by 30 days, from original Jan. 4, 2018, deadline.

On December 5, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced it would be extending a comment period for a rule primarily affecting the restaurant industry due to reliance on tips.  This proposed change addresses a 2011 rule from DOL requiring tip-sharing in certain employment cases.

In DOL’s words:  “The Department is proposing to rescind portions of its tip regulations issued pursuant to the (Fair Labor Standards Act) FLSA that impose restrictions on employers that pay a direct cash wage of at least the full Federal minimum wage and do not claim a tip credit against their minimum wage obligations.”

The Small Business Administration(SBA) put it a little more clearly:  Under this rule, employers paying a full minimum wage to employees could require these workers to share their tips with other employees, including employees who do not customarily receive tips.

What this means for CACI members:  If employees are currently paid a full minimum wage, they are in certain cases required to share tips with other employees, including those who don’t usually receive tips (i.e. “back of house” employees such as cooks, dishwashers, etc.).  DOL is revisiting this rule and seeking public comment for rescission of the tip-sharing requirement.  This proposal was put forward after years of wage loss litigation resulting from the 2011 rule.

If you would like CACI to file comments on your behalf, please contact CACI’s Federal Policy Director, Leah Curtsinger at (303) 866-9641.

  • If you wish to file an individual public comment, click here to enter the Federal Register’s FLSA page.
  • To read more from the DOL’s Wage & Hour Division, click here.

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