Tax Council

Location: CACI Conference Room

Address: 1600 Broadway, Suite 1000

Guest Speaker:
Greg Sobetski, Economist, Colorado Legislative Council.  Mr. Sobetski will discuss House Bill 1242 Regarding Transportation Infrastructure Funding and the funding structure developed in the legislation.
Discussion of Legislation:
  • HB 1242 – Transportation Infrastructure Funding (Rep. Duran & Sen. Grantham)
  • SB 238 – Notifications Regarding Online Purchases (Sen. Holbert & Rep. Neville)
  • Update on SB 112 – Intergovernmental Disputes (Sen. Neville & Rep. Pabon)
  • Update on HB 1049 – Tax Abatements (Rep. Thurlow & Sen. Coram)
  • Update on HB 1216 – Tax Simplification Task Force Rep. Kraft-Tharpe & Sen. Neville)

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