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CNBC Lex 18: Businesses, governments scaling back on drug testing

Last year, President Joe Biden signaled a new, softer federal government view of weed as well.

“That the federal government currently classifies marijuana as a Schedule I substance, the same as heroin, LSD and more serious than fentanyl, makes no sense,” he said. “I’m asking the secretary of Health and Human Services and the attorney general to initiate a process to review how marijuana is scheduled under federal law.”

“It’s discriminatory to say that you can drink alcohol during your free time, but you can’t use marijuana when they are both legal here in the state of Colorado,” said State Rep. Jovan Melton.

The bill died, and some employers in the state are wary of giving up the practice.

“Any employer is always going to be concerned about any litigation amongst employees against they themselves. You know, that’s why they’ve always recommended that there be zero tolerance policies in place,” said Loren Furman with the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

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