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Historic demands on Colorado unemployment trust fund pose risk of payroll tax hike

Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said it’s too early to determine exactly what that conversation between businesses and the labor department would look like.

Right now, there’s too much uncertainty over whether the state actually will have a shortfall and how much that could be, and many employers don’t know if they can even stay open long enough to see the new rates take effect.

While the chamber believes that CDLE is handling the rapid demand for benefits well, Furman said it hopes the state can avoid adding a payroll surcharge.

“I’m sure it scares the heck out of our employers,” she said. “… Being faced with yet one more increase to your costs is just going to create more of a burden on those employers that don’t even know what their bottom line is going to look like.

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