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The Colorado Chamber Federal Relations Council Sends Letter Supporting Potential Ex-Im Bank In Denver

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CACI Federal Relations Council Sends Letter Supporting Potential Ex-Im Bank In Denver

On March 10th, CACI’s Federal Relations Council discussed the pending re-authorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank.  The Ex-Im Bank’s authority must be approved by Congress before midnight on June 30th to ensure seamless continuation of the bank’s mission to supply foreign governments, foreign companies and U.S.  businesses with insurance and necessary capital to purchase or finance American products.

Initial re-authorization language is circulating through the U.S. Congress right now and the Council voted to support the inclusion and creation of a Denver Field Office for the Ex-Im Bank.  The nine members of Colorado’s Congressional Delegation received similar letters.

Federal Update:

  • U.S. House passed a budget Wednesday  (228-199) in major win for House leadership, bill to reduce deficit calls for $5 trillion in cuts and repeals Obamacare.  Budget language does include an additional $20 billion for military spending.
  • Senate began their budget vote-a-rama at noon on Thursday, dispensing with more than 100 live amendment votes.  The Senate passed a budget (52-46) at 3:30am.  The budget has $5.1 trillion in spending cuts and will balance the budget over 10 years. The House and Senate budgets are non-binding.
  • The Senate’s bipartisan human trafficking bill was held up last week over abortion language; Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will not vote to confirm Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch until the trafficking bill is passed.
  • NLRB Ambush Elections: This rule would allow unions to reduce notice time required for union organizing elections, from 35-38 days to as few as 10 – 13days, in addition to requiring businesses to share employee information with union representatives.  This NLRB rule does not give businesses time to educate employees on the pros and cons of unionizing, adding additional insult to businesses and their employees by requiring employee cell phone numbers, home address, email address, shift hours and shift locations are shared with union representatives.
    • The House and Senate are using the Congressional Review Act to register a vote of disapproval on the NLRB’s election rules. The Senate passed a resolution with the support of Senator Cory Gardner (R-C) (53-45 on 3/4), while the House passed the resolution (232-186) last Thursday (3/19).  President Obama is likely to veto the Resolution of Disapproval and the Senate must have 67 votes to overturn that Presidential veto.  The NLRB rule is set to go into effect April 14, 2015.