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Tax |  e Tax Council represents the State and Local tax interests of CACI’s multi-industry membership.  e council provides expertise on legislative and regulatory proposals that increase the burden of business taxes, fees and regulations on companies.
HealthCare |  e HealthCare council provides members with expertise in all areas of health care concerns related to businesses. It is focused on state-level health care legislation that affects Colorado employers and the cost of purchasing health benefits.
Federal Policy |  rough this council, CACI is responsive to the federal policy needs of our members, and is the go-to resource for our Congressional delegation and congressional staff on federal legislation or regulations that affect Colorado’s businesses.
Governmental Affairs |  e Governmental Affairs Council is comprised of members of the business lobbying corps
at the State Capitol who are, or who represent, CACI members, including corporate lobbyists, trade association lobbyists and contract lobbyists.  e Council’s meetings are strategic and tactical discussions on bills that impact the entire business community.
Labor & Employment |  is council consists of experts in labor law and human resources who provide expertise on labor and employment legislation and regulations.  e Council actively works to prevent restrictions or mandates on employers that could increase the cost of doing business in Colorado.
Energy & Environment |  e Energy & Environment Council provides expertise in the areas of air, water, industrial waste and energy.  e Council works to ensure that legislation and regulations do not unfairly increase costs or make it burdensome for regulated industries to operate in Colorado.

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