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Action Alert: The Public Option Will Increase Costs on Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Colorado lawmakers have long been trying to pass a state public option for health insurance. In the current legislative session, House Bill 1232 is advancing through the General Assembly, which would require insurers to offer a plan directed by the state and set significant caps on premiums for those plans.

In order to fund lower premium rates for individual plans, the bill would impose measures that shift costs to employer-sponsored health care plans. Under this bill, if you currently receive your health insurance through your employer like most Coloradans, your premium rates will inevitably increase to fund the public option.

The cost of health insurance continues to rise and lawmakers should work towards finding balanced solutions to address the problem. HB 1232 would only make the problem worse for many Coloradans. 

Sign the petition if you oppose premium increases on employer-sponsored health care plans in order to fund the public option!


Sign the Petition Against HB 1232:

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