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Senate Committee Nixes CACI-Opposed “FAMLI” Bill

HB 1307 was applicable to even one-person companies, and it would have required the business to offer the employee the same or a similar position when they return from leave, requiring small businesses to hire extra workers or keep the job open for three months, said CACI’s Loren Furman.  Read the full article by Ed Sealover […]

CACI weighs in: Another biz community behemoth whose views matter

CACI’s policy councils — which convene CACI’s member-businesses around different issue areas such as taxes and energy — debate, mull and then take positions on a range of legislation facing state lawmakers. The council dig deeply into their own members’ expertise to help shape their stands on the issues.  Read the complete article by  Dan Njegomir,

CACI’s Loren Furman Continues to Advocate for Transportation Funding

Loren Furman, a senior vice president of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry who has been involved with the transportation-funding negotiations, said that Colorado residents feel it is important to have some give and take if asked to pony up more money — possibly in regard to the amount of taxes they are being […]

Colorado Lawmakers Map a Road to Progress

“We can’t kick the can down the road again. We’ve got to find a critical solution,” CACI’s Loren Furman said, explaining a growing sense of urgency among business and housing leaders that this is the year something must get done in order to add more lower-cost home-ownership options for young professionals and downsizing baby boomers. […]

What’s at Stake in Colorado’s Statehouse Races

“This is absolutely the most critical thing for this election cycle,” said Loren Furman, Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry senior vice president for state and federal relations. “I would think for business groups everywhere, this outcome can determine what we’ll be fighting and what we’ll be supporting for the next two to four years.” […]

CACI seeks to keep Colorado Senate in Republican hands

“I think we’re going to have to have at least one chamber held by Republicans,” Loren Furman said. “The anti-business bills that were defeated in the Senate this year were because of Republican control.”  Click here to ready the full article by Ed Sealover in the Denver Business Journal.

On pregnancy and personnel-file measures, Colorado business leaders strike a balance

“I don’t believe that they are burdensome to employers — either one of these,” said Loren Furman, the senior vice president for the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry who has been at the lead in negotiating for changes to the proposals.  Please read the full article by Ed Sealover in the Denver Business Journal.

CACI Shows Its Support for Manufacturing

Approximately 500 business leaders are in Washington DC attending the annual National Association of Manufactures (NAM) conference.  These leaders are meeting with policymakers to voice their support of manufacturing while focusing on three key areas, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a fully functioning Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank Board and comprehensive business tax reform.  To  learn more, please read […]

73,000 Coloradans Could Soon Become Eligible For Overtime Pay

“I think this impacts even our smallest employers the worst, because those are employers that are barely holding on now,” Loren Furman with the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry said.  Please visit the CBS4 website to read the complete article by CBS4’s Shaun Boyd.

Colorado Employers Grappling with Impact of New Federal Rule on Overtime Pay

The Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI), an affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers, was and remains opposed to the new rule, said Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations.  Read the complete article by Monica Mendoza in the Denver Business Journal.