Federal Policy


CACI works closely with Colorado’s Congressional delegation and their staff, along with federal regulatory agency officials to inform and educate them on the importance of policies, laws and regulations critical to maintaining a healthy business climate in Colorado.  Through the Federal Policy Council, CACI is responsive to the overarching policy needs of our business members, as well as being the go-to resource for our Congressional delegation on matters affecting the  business community. Interested members are encouraged to join the CACI Federal Affairs Council.

“CACI members have increasingly expressed a strong interest in having CACI advance their interests at the Federal level, in a significant way, while continuing to maintain its leadership role in advocating for businesses at the Colorado State Capitol.  While Colorado’s economy is doing better than many other states, we see strategic opportunities to support our business climate and we’re taking them on.  It’s important to note that a federal focus will yield economic benefits for the entire CACI membership, broader business community and Colorado economy.”

– Chuck Berry, CACI President

CACI is the Colorado affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, whose President and CEO, Thomas J. Donohue, has embraced CACI’s Federal Policy Initiative.

“The U.S. Chamber relies on the collaborative relationship with CACI, and believes Colorado is a pivotal state for achieving prosperity,” Donohue said, “The Colorado Congressional delegation brings critical votes in Washington–we need those votes to create jobs and support free enterprise.”

CACI Federal Policy Positions

Below are the policy positions CACI is taking or has taken to support pro-business policies at the federal level:


  • Supports legislation promoting fiscal certainty related to federal tax laws and regulations that will provide businesses with confidence to invest in Colorado.
  • Supports legislation that prevents the severe spending reductions, otherwise known as “sequestration,” in order to minimize the negative impact on Colorado’s aerospace and defense industries and our nation’s security. Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.
  • Supports legislation to reauthorize Export-Import Bank for the long term and substantially increase its lending authority. Reauthorization of the EX-IM Bank is critical to the ability of many U.S. exporters to compete on a level playing field in a commercial market. Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.
  • Supports legislation that allows Colorado companies to compete more effectively in other markets, as well as to attract business to Colorado.

Energy and the Environment

  • Supports legislation that would suspend the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act. Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.
  • Supports legislation that would resolve flaws in the Boiler MACT rules and the investment uncertainty created by them. Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.
  • Supports legislation that requires the Department of the lnterior and the Department of Agriculture to more efficiently develop domestic sources of minerals and prevent the U.S. from becoming further dependent on foreign sources of these resources. Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.

Labor & Employment

  • Opposes legislation that establishes a national commission to study and evaluate the adequacy of the state workers’ compensation laws. Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.
  • Opposes legislation that replaces the private, secret ballot election of whether to join a union with a system called “card check,” which allows a union to organize if a majority of employees simply sign an authorization card. Click the following links to view CACI’s letters to Congress on this issue: May 17, 2007 letter, January 5, 2009 letter, February 2, 2010 letter.
  • Supports legislation that develops an electronic employment verification system including the following principles: (Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.)
    • Shared Responsibility Amongst Government, Employers and  Employees
    • Fair Enforcement
    • Accuracy and Ease of Use
    • Deployment of Latest Technologies
  • Supports legislation that would overturn the NLRB’s “ambush” election rule that gives employers little time to respond to union organizing campaigns, stifles employers’ free speech rights, and limits workers from getting complete information about joining a union. Click here to view CACI’s letter to Congress.
  • Supports legislation that revises the Fair Labor Standards Act in order to modernize the duties test for the current Computer Employee Exemption.


  • Supports legislation that reauthorizes the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) and provides a guarantee to companies that the FDA will have an effective and timely review process in place for all innovators. Click here to view CACI’s letter to congress.