EXECs is for rising leaders who are passionate about shaping policy and enhancing Colorado’s economy and strengthening the Colorado business climate. If you are a mid- career executive who is truly interested in CACI’s advocacy and its mission to champion a healthy Colorado business climate, demonstrate leadership and is recognized for your career excellence, is employed and have 5+ years experience in your respective field, and put relationships first… these events are specifically designed for you! EXECs events are held quarterly at various businesses in the Denver Metro area and give participants the opportunity to learn about different Colorado companies outside of a classroom setting.

Networking for business development is a benefit of ongoing attendance…no one at a CACI EXECs event should feel they are a “sales target.”

Past Programs have included:

Preparing to go 1-mile underground at the Henderson Molybdenum mine.

Preparing to go 1-mile underground at the Henderson Molybdenum mine.

  • a reception with the President of the Kansas City Federal Reserve
  • a tour of the operations at American Furniture Warehouse
  • a behind the scenes look at Colorado gaming, hosted by the Golden Casino Group.
  • a behind the scenes look at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts


EXECs Advocacy Program

This 9-month program offers exclusive insight into the workings of prominent Colorado companies through business tours and policy- based forums with key Colorado executives and officials.

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Participants learn about policy issues impacting their business and community while developing a working understanding of business advocacy. Tours will be fascinating “insider” looks at businesses while integrating policy issues focused around Healthcare, Labor & Employment, Tax, Energy & Environment, Manufacturing, and Federal Affairs. CACI staffers, key legislators and congressional staffers may be brought in for specific expertise. CLICK HERE TO APPLY!